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About Us

Following a tradition of publishing to competitive gardeners, all of Annedawn Publishing's books are written for a passionate group of knowledgeable and motivated backyard gardeners who number in the millions in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, Australia et al. The interesting thing about giant pumpkins is - It makes no difference whether you are a gardener of giant pumpkins, giant tomatoes, tall corn, long gourds, roses, dahlias, watermelons, etc.; a driven plant collector; or you pursue excellence in any gardening area, giant pumpkins seems to resonate with all of these Xtreme Gardeners.

That is why our series of books on growing giant pumpkins has been so enthusiastically embraced. They convey the how-to in easy, light prose surrounded by telling graphic design. We even won a Bronze Medal in the 2008 IPPYs.


*Besides the book, there are ready-to-go, full color articles on the Heavy Hitters in giant pumpkin growing and What Do You Do With Them? available for download. Also, an author bio, a book review, book cover images, and more. Use these resources to make your article or review stand out during the months of September and October when giant pumpkins are the rage. We have designed the articles for tabloid size pages with resolution high enough to accomodate upsizing to full page newspaper formats.

If there is anything else you require, please email us at annedawn@aol.com.


If not giant pumpkins, how about giant tomatoes?